Bursting out of Sydney’s DIY punk scene in early 2016, Whispering Jackie make music that’s unapologetic and brimming with raw honesty. In late 2015, Sare Jackie (vocals, bass) had written a handful of tongue-in-cheek songs that reflected her experiences with anxiety and what it’s like being a millennial in Sydney. Joined by two of her closest friends, Nath and Maz, the trio’s pronounced 90s sound is a fusion of punk, garage and grunge with a strong female voice.
In late 2016, the band released their debut, Social Isolation, featuring tracks Casino Mate and My Phone. Of Casino Mate, Triple J’s Josh Merriel ( said ‘Part of me wants to hear so much more… This is ruthless. Nice one!’. It looks like Josh might just get his wish as Whispering Jackie are currently in the midst of recording more music. Stay tuned for some new tunes in 2017.