About Us

The Harbour Agency was established in late 1978 to meet the market needs for a professional music booking agency. Representing world-class established, mid-level and developing talent it has become Australia’s largest booking agency. The company provides the very best Australian talent for hotels, clubs, festivals, private functions and major outdoor and industry calendar events through out metropolitan and regional Australia. The diversity of artists range from mainstream to alternative, dance to rock, folk to heavy metal, and indie to hip hop. The Harbour Agency represents artists in the early stages of their careers, working with them to guide and develop their careers; and artists who have sold millions of records around the world. The Harbour Agency is based in Sydney and its sister agency, Premier Artists, is based in Melbourne. Together both companies work hand in hand in providing the best of live music, both nationally and overseas.


  • Michael Gudinski (Vale)
  • Philip Jacobsen
  • Frank Stivala

Senior Agent

  • Tony Grace Guarrera


  • Jeremy Sharp
  • Clinton Parkes
  • Michael Watson
  • Tom Brazel
  • Jett Jacquet
  • Javier Relich
  • Arlie Allen


  • Matthew Hodges
  • Raph Boudib


  • Maria De Vera


  • Anthony Piperata


  • Jacob Riesel