Alex Smith has always written songs ,not all the songs have been material for Moving Pictures . These shows are an opportunity for Alex to play and showcase material that is very different and personal while at the same time being very redolent of the moving pictures canon .
These quiet acoustic/electric or as he likes to call them acrostic/eclectic are a chance for these songs to move around in the air.
In this intimate solo/duo setting a chance to sing without screaming and showing another side of his nature!
“Different Songs ” is just another facet.
One of the facets of musical “celebrity” (Ha) is that a performer or writer can become
Typecast in the public Psyche , This is very much the case with Alex Smith, he will forever be the voice of the little boy at the corner shop!
Alex left Australia in 1993 and has done a lot of travelling before finally settling in the UK. In the uk he found a stability and a happiness that had been missing from his life for a long time. Marrying the renowned British sculptor Sophie Dickens and settling into a family life well away from that corner shop. During these years Alex began his long and deeply felt journey into special needs education. Working and learning at “the John F Kennedy” special school in
east London ,he became even more aware and moved by the power of music,how it worked where language failed ,where strictures and structures failed. A world of pure emotion and direct contact was opened up.
Now working in the uk as a consultant in special needs music, Alex is at present working on a streamed /televisual version of his work. A project which is called “this way in to music” a program designed to empower parents and carers .
The resurgence of Moving Pictures as a live force again has given Alex the opportunity to tour Australia and while here work towards the fruition of the This way in to Music program. Touring with the band again is a pure Joy ,and a renewed ,reinvigorated experience for all concerned. But ,there are the other songs ,and the other voice to consider, a quieter voice and a poets heart! These are the songs that are not meant to be belted out, but coaxed and teased into the air! So either on his own or with selected special guests Alex will be performing in a quieter mode at selected venues!
Be assured “That Absolutely NO Current Moving Pictures Songs Will be Played”
No No No No No! this is the other side of the coin!
Maybe now he is sober, straight, and reasonably together it is time for these songs to be heard!
The future is not so much of a blank canvas these days……