All The Colours are a band inspired by the timeless. Never trying to fulfill current trends but forever influenced by the greatness of whatever musical decade or genre feels the most poignant to them at any current time. Be it the exploration of 70’s guitar virtuosity or the succinct pop of the 60’s to the density of 90’s alt-rock, all things are obtainable and are to be taken and developed into something fresh and progressive. The band follows an unforced evolution, having no attachment to where the next volume lies. They are a long term entity who will continue to create records for generations to come. The band consists of three close friends who have been making music together for over 20 years and there is a mutual understanding and unity that can only come from countless hours spent together performing and rehearsing. There is a clairvoyance that can lead them wherever the music wants to go which you will understand if you see them live.

Their 2nd album, ‘Vol. 2’ was recorded over the course of a week at Rancho De La Luna (Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Mark Lanegan) in Joshua Tree California. A desert influenced collection of songs and jams with the emphasis being on capturing the sound of one moment in time, not fixating on perfection but bringing out the emotions and energy the environment inspired.

Their recently recorded 3rd album, ‘Vol. 3’ was tracked in Hollywood at Vox Studios and was produced by Grizzly Bear band member and producer Chris Taylor (Dirty Projectors, Twin Shadow, Solange). The record is a nod to the 90s alt-rock the band grew up listening to in their formative years. The sound is immediate and captivating with just the right amount of polish and a touch of the unhinged.