The Angels Band – a reunion of the original musicians who, together with Doc Neeson on vocals, were the founder members of The Angels In 1975 an Adelaide band called The Keystone Angels supported AC/DC during a South Australian tour. The band featured brothers John and Rick Brewster on guitar, Doc Neeson on bass and Charlie King on drums. Both John and Doc shared lead vocals. On the recommendation of Bon Scott and Malcolm and Angus Young, they were offered a publishing and recording deal with AC/DC’s Sydney label Alberts. Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup joined in 1976 and the band, now renamed “The Angels”, began the process of recording their first album. Then, with the addition of bass player Chris Bailey, The Angels line up was complete. The musicians in the band worked tirelessly, on the road and in the renowned King Street studios, to shape and refine their sound under the guidance of George Young and Harry Vanda. In 1978, The Angels took their place as the top live rock band in Australia, following their well documented success on the legendary ‘Pub Rock’ circuit. A 2JJ concert at St Leonards Park resulted in airplay, and The Angels released their landmark album “Face to Face”, which remained in the charts for 76 weeks. Their popularity exploded throughout Australia with sell-out shows and stadium tours with Meatloaf and David Bowie. Subsequent albums ‘No Exit’ in 1979 and ‘Darkroom’ in 1980 further cemented The Angels position. These records contained many hits, including Take a Long Line, Shadowboxer, Marseilles, Comin Down On Me, After the Rain, Be With You, Mr Damage, I Ain’t The One, Face The Day and Marseilles – songs written by the team of Brewster/Neeson/Brewster. No Secrets, written by Buzz and Doc, is right up there with the others. Their albums were released in the USA, UK and Europe where the band enjoyed success, both live and on radio and where they are still regarded as one of the most exciting and influential rock bands ever. Buzz and Chris left the The Angels in 1981 and went on to be founding members of another iconic Australian band “GANGgajang” The Angels popularity continued for the next 20years. In 1998 the members were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. The band’s last performance was at the turn of the millennium concert in Darwin. Sometime after, Doc announced he was quitting the band to pursue a solo career. In 2001, a benefit concert for an ailing colleague, Ted Mulry, brought the original players John and Rick Brewster, Chris Bailey and Buzz Bidstrup together for a one off performance as ‘Members of The Angels’. Jim Hilbun joined them to sing lead vocals. In Jan 2003 there was a further performance in Perth at a benefit concert for victims of the Bali tragedy. This time they played 4 piece with John Brewster on lead vocals. The success of this reunion and the strength of John’s vocals encouraged the band to embrace both their music and their heritage and continue performing as The Angels Band. Reviving the unique twin guitar assault of the Brewster Brothers and the no holds barred, rock solid rhythm section of Bailey and Bidstrup, they have already played to a full house at the Civic in Perth where the audience response was overwhelming. Now anyone who missed seeing The Angels at its peak, or who wants to relive the experience, can witness the awesome power of “The Angels Band”