Australian musicologist Ian MacFarlane once described the Boom Crash Opera sound as: “the tight, funky rock of the music, the boom-like crack of the drums and the work song chant of the vocals”.

Formed in 1985 and tipped as the ‘next big thing’ by a bunch of well respected music journalists, Boom Crash Opera’s extensive catalogue of up-tempo melodic rock songs and engaging live performances, have ensured their 35 year career as a band has endured and continues to go from strength to strength right to the present day.

Boom Crash Opera set the scene early with their knack for writing catchy songs that radio and fans still love. With repeated Top 20 chart success for songs like ‘Get Out Of the House’, ‘Great Wall’, ‘Hands Up In The Air’, ‘Onion Skin’, ‘Best Thing’, ‘Dancing In The Storm,’ ‘Talk About It’ & ‘Bettadaze’, these guys are no ‘one hit wonders’. Recognized for their songwriting talents with numerous ARIA accolades, Boom Crash Opera spent much of their first 15 years touring and recording both locally and internationally on the back of the successful releases of their first three albums “Boom Crash Opera”, “ These Here Are Crazy Times” and “Fabulous Beast”.

Fast forward to present day, Boom Crash Opera continue to deliver exciting and electrifying live shows. Not your average pub rock band, Boom Crash Opera deliver a sound and musical ambience like no other band on the Aussie music landscape. On the recent ‘Rock Radio Riot’ tour with Aussie Rock legends The Screaming Jets, 100% Rock Magazine described them as ‘the ever-so-funky Boom Crash Opera…They’re plain and simply good fun. When they played songs like Great Wall, Onion Skin, Hands Up In The Air and Dancing In The Storm the crowd popped each time. Boom Crash Opera did not disappoint in their delivery. You can’t not enjoy these pop rock legends….”

The seamless addition of new front man Andrew De Silva three years ago, has seen the band scale new heights. De Silva’s vocals scale the iconic back catalogue with ease and his on stage confidence and experience (ARIA Award winning group CDB) have only heightened the colour and musicality of Boom Crash Opera and their well dramatic and exhilarating live performances…

Silver Tiger Media says… “Andrew De Silva owns that stage just as he owns every word he sings. De Silva owns that crowd too, playing up to them, giving them what they want, and summoning them to sing along….”

Original members Peter Farnan and Peter Maslen continue to infuse the original Boom Crash Opera ethos into the band whilst giving bass player John Favaro (Mark Seymour and the Undertow) and Andy De Silva room to contribute their extensive musical experience into the current line-up.

Boom Crash Opera go into 2019 ready to revitalize fans again with a series of dates with music contemporaries, Taxiride in the first half of the year, then moving onto festival appearances at ‘Sounds On The Vine’ in QLD with rock stalwarts James Reyne, Baby Animals, Pseudo Echo and Rose Tattoo. The latter half of 2019 will see them team up with Mondo Rock and a coveted spot with James Reyne as part of his residency at Melbourne’s iconic The Palms at Crown Casino. A 30 year celebration of the “These Here Are Crazy Times” album is in the planning for the coming year also. With new material and a live album just completed, Boom Crash Opera are out of the house and back on the road….