Australian musicologist Ian MacFarlane once described the Boom Crash Opera sound as: “the tight, funky rock of the music, the boom-like crack of the drums and the work song chant of the vocals”.

Formed in 1985 and tipped as the ‘next big thing’ by a bunch of well respected music journalists, Boom Crash Opera’s extensive catalogue of up-tempo melodic rock songs and engaging live performances, have ensured their 35 year career as a band has endured and continues to go from strength to strength right to the present day.

Boom Crash Opera set the scene early with their knack for writing catchy songs that radio and fans still love. With repeated Top 20 chart success for songs like ‘Get Out Of the House’, ‘Great Wall’, ‘Hands Up In The Air’, ‘Onion Skin’, ‘Best Thing’, ‘Dancing In The Storm,’ ‘Talk About It’ & ‘Bettadaze’, these guys are no ‘one hit wonders’. Recognized for their songwriting talents with numerous ARIA accolades, Boom Crash Opera spent much of their first 15 years touring and recording both locally and internationally on the back of the successful releases of their first three albums “Boom Crash Opera”, “ These Here Are Crazy Times” and “Fabulous Beast”.