Something wicked this way comes – and it comes from the southern isle of Tasmania, Australia.

Once adorned with the moniker “Forest Horror”, the punk’n’roll five-some they call Captives are a hotly – demanded ticket to a rollicking good time and a thumping hangover.

The Captives boys sure have been steeped in praise. It’s not just scuttlebutt, fuelled by thousands of punters’ tales of nights of dancing, cavorting, moshing – though it’s that too.

Everyone from triple J to Rolling Stone to Channel V has seen the light.

Captives have stolen the hearts of many a media outlet and made them their darlings. The band have received a mountain of love letters written of their exploits, such as these romantic words from Rolling Stone – “The visceral thrill of being throttled by razor-sharp guitars, slapped around the head by thundering drums and screamed at by a man gargling glass”, as well as Tone Deaf’s note of adoration – “A groovetrain ride of riff that somehow manages to pause long enough to incorporate a horn section within the two minute wrecking ball” and Channel V’s descriptive missive “…like a champion greyhound exploding from the gate with the fluffy bunny already torn to shreds in its jaws. It’s a sound that kicks you in the back of the skull with every drum beat, slices at your eardrums with every guitar lick, and tears at the back of your throat with every shriek – and is so distinctive that they had to give it a name themselves: Tasmanian Forest Horror.”

Triple j have been wanting to get Captives to go steady with them for quite some time now, with rotation play on triple j and triple j unearthed, love from Nick Findlay (who described his lust for the band with a naughty little triple j unearthed note – “…can’t wait to see them explode this live” and Dom Alessio, and being one of the top 50 most played artists on triple j unearthed in 2014. Spins across Days, Nights, Weekends on Good Nights, Short Fast Loud, Weekend Breakfast and Home and Hosed and more have all been a part of the courtship with the band.

If you cannot be captivated (pun fully intended) by what is the most badass punk/rawk/bangin’ band you are likely to catch this decade – is your heart ACTUALLY beating? Are you actually alive? Perhaps you’d better get yourself to a show or check out a tune or ten to have that heart kick-started.