Chase Atlantic consists of three members, Clinton Cave, Mitchel Cave and Christian Anthony. Mitchel and Christian were both top 10 contestants on X-Factor in 2012, which led to the realisation and formation of Chase Atlantic in early 2014. Mitchel and his brother Clinton previously made YouTube Music Videos reaching an audience of over 21,000,000 people worldwide. The band has a following of over 250,000 people and has only just released their first EP titled “Dalliance” with a second EP currently in the works. Chase Atlantic currently writes, produces and performs all of their music, which is an alternative approach to modern rock with influences from classic hip hop, EDM and pop. Brothers Mitchel and Clinton are able to combine their production skills and techniques to further develop the bands unique sound and style. Classical music influences can also be heard through a symphonic texture and structure, capturing the essence of build and climax. At the same time you can also hear instrumental influences of early rock from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. On top of all of this the band is able to create an ambient listening experiencing whilst maintaining energy and excitement for the listener.