Colin Lillie is one of a kind – this you discover within moments of
hearing the “Gypsy Scotsman” and proud adopted Territorian share his
song. Beyond that, what’s truly special about Lillie is his passion for life
and music. Capturing the kind of intensity that Colin has on an album
or a live performance is something that every musician aspires to.
Whether it’s because of past experiences, a knack for songwriting, his
powerful voice or a combination of these things. What remains true is
that every time Colin Lillie picks up a guitar and sings something
special happens – the passion shines through, and the music becomes

After a hard-won battle with addiction Lillie discovered his soul’s voice.
In 2012 Lillie released an EP beginning a journey of magic, which has
audiences mesmerised to this day. In 2013 he won the NT heat for
Telstra Road to Discovery and also had the great pleasure of working
with Bill Chambers helping to produce wife and Indigenous artist
Jacinta Price’s album Dry River. In 2014 along with producer Dave
Crowe (Resin Moon) and Ben Allen (Broadwing and producer of
Gawurra’s album Ratja Yaliyali) as the group Shadows on Blue they
recorded a self titled EP, which saw them gain success with licensing
and airplay both in Australia and USA. In 2016 Lillie released his debut
album Glass Homes. This album allowed him to share his truth with
genuine songs that cut straight to the bone. Recorded and produced by
Mark Myers (Middle East) in his Cairns studio, the two men were
successful in creating an incredibly honest album.
Colin’s first single, Give Thanks won him NT Song of the Year (Blues
and Roots) and saw the honest troubadour tour and impress crowds all
over Australia with his intense live performances. Follow up singles
Renegade and Within, both gained raves reviews with their music

The debut album also earned critical acclaim from some of Australia’s top music reviewers:

-“With his debut record, Lillie has reached within himself and
brought forth something truly special; a glass house is one
thing, open for the world to see, but a Glass Home is another
entirely.”-The Guardian 4/5 stars.

-“A compelling debut album, packed with vocal power, poetry,
passion and palpable honesty”-The Australian 4.5/5 stars

With continual performances around the country Lillie has managed to
prove himself as one of the Northern Territories and Australia’s best
performers winning himself the first ever National Live Music Award NT.
With such command Lillie gives thanks to a loyal following who helped
him gain the AU Reviews Peoples Choice Australian Artist of the Year,
which he continues to grow where ever he performs. He has began
writing for the follow up to Glass Homes with the support of Graham
(Asho) Ashton from Footstomp Music and producer Jamie Trevaskis
who produced the award winning Leanne Tennant (Red Wine, Late
Nights). Both are pushing Lillie to delve deeper in order to produce
more rich and darker songs. Colin has built a strong relationship with
Catherine Britt (Rhythm Magazine) with promises of future

Lillie is determined to show that no matter how remote you are you
can build a successful career in music while continuing to perform live
in front of audiences around Australia and beyond. Colin’s ultimate
goal is to share his unique style and story to as many audiences in
Australia and beyond. To collaborate and grow as a writer and
musician and share that which has proven to be a gift for everyone
who has heard it.