Over the last 12 months CREO have undoubtably stamped themselves as one of Sydney’s most promising upcoming bands. Having being touted UK’s Amazing Radio ‘Artist of the week’, being nominated for Channel V ‘Artist of the month’, and touring nationally for their latest release “Light It Up”, supporting the likes British India, Tired Lion, Last Dinosaurs and Spookyland, the Sydney four piece continue to wow their audiences with their uniquely textured sound, and full blooded, captivating live shows.

Fronted by the fervent Jorjee Haman, CREO’s poetic vocal melodies intertwine with the delicate yet brazen guitars provided by Carlos Romanos. This accompanied by a thumping rhythm section consisting of Daniel Tsoltoudis (drums) and Alex Milano (bass) shape the bands powerful yet detailed sound.

“It’s a battle scene primarily directed by the instrumentation, with the partnership of dream-pop escapism and equally optimistic vocal quips — subordinately meek at times — only occasionally sneaking past the thumping clarity of the dominant rhythm section. Sharp, clean and upfront, it provides a consistent heartbeat, akin to the pulsating strobe-lights of the indie club nights it’ll undoubtedly soon soundtrack.” – Jonny Nail, Rolling Stone Australia

Although an ‘Indie-Rock’ band at it’s core, it’s the bands creation of depth, and subtle intricacies in their music that sets them apart from the standard indie fare. Noted as having “the emotional power of dynamics that belies their years” (The Music, Sydney), “devious hooks, malicious guitar tones, and some of the most fearsome drums this side of indie music” (Casual Band Blogger) – CREO’s meticulousness in the studio and brashness when not prove to be an unlikely match made in heaven, for a band who truly are a must see.

CREO have spent the majority of 2016 working with producer Nathan Sheehy (Birds of Tokyo, Bluejuice, Dune Rats) on their upcoming second EP, “Subtitles for X, Y, Z”, which they will be touring extensively in the coming months.