Australian pop supergroup Darling Brando – comprised of Alex MatherTom Jay Williams and Vlado Saric – are Australia’s most exciting new pop act.


Having already amassed a legion of passionate fans both locally and abroad – the pop supergroup travelled around the country earlier this year, performing a series of regional and metro pop up shows – connecting with fans and exciting new audiences with their formidable vocal talent and musical chemistry. Darling Brando performed an impressive 80 shows in 30 days, undoubtedly proving that they are the hardest working band in Australia.


Although 2020 didn’t pan out to be what the trio originally intended, Darling Brando used the time to explore their creative mind space, continuing to write new material and curating a flurry of content for their hungry fans across TikTokInstagramFacebookTwitter and YouTube.


The bands current single ‘Wild eyes’ has been a hit at commercial radio with radio identity Kyle Sandilands quoted in saying ‘these guys are the real deal’!


With more new music on the way and a tour in the works for 2021, Darling Brando have a clear message for the world: “watch this space”.