In March 2020, on the back of the COVid pandemic, Dave Gleeson (The Screaming Jets & Angels) created his #StreamingnotScreaming project. What started out as an idea to help pass the time whilst isolating on the family farm in rural Adelaide, has now played to thousands of socially distanced music lovers around the nation (and the globe) for over 13 weeks… With restrictions lifting in and around the country, Dave, Crafty and his bunch of lovely lads are looking to take the show, off devices and out into pubs within the borders of South Australia with some live (socially distanced) shows to music starved fans.

In planning this new live band, there was an error in the artwork no one picked up on until Spinal Tap’s manager, Liam, pointed it out via a legal fax. It’s supposed to say Lively Lads. So, they changed it simply to The New Lovely Lads.

Armed with a treasure trove of classic songs …Gleeso, Crafty and the new Lovely Lads are packing a set list ranging from the songs you’d expect like staples from The Screaming Jets & The Angels, Neil Young, The Doors, Foo Fighters to the less likely inclusions such as Beastie Boys ‘Fight For Your Right’, Led Zepplin’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’ & a selection of Dave’s local and international country favorites…like Garth Brooks & Johnny Cash.

Always an engaging performer, Gleeso can be depended upon to deliver engaging yarns in between songs, chock full of his extensive knowledge of current affairs, delivered with a healthy dose of cynicism and many amusing stories covering his experiences in the music industry over the past 30 + years.