There’s been one great constant in Australia’s pop life for the last decade and a half and her name is Delta Goodrem. From the moment Delta first appeared on our small screens in Neighbours, Goodrem emitted a charisma that would soon make her a part of our shared cultural fabric. Delta’s inherent gift, which is to reach the hearts and minds of her audience with her music, was realised quickly. With 9 number one singles and three number one albums behind her, Delta has achieved multi- platinum and ‘beyond’ status many times over. Delta’s role on The Voice has seen the performer mentor emerging singers while still enjoying her own creative endeavours. Like all great artists, Delta’s focus is firmly on the here and now. Beginning with her 2003 debut Innocent Eyes reaching sales of 15 x platinum through to last year’s single ‘Wings’ hitting number one … Delta is an artist who is showing no signs of slowing down. Completely at one with the pop zeitgeist, what Delta achieved with ‘Wings’ had critics and fans wanting for more. Now, Delta is back with a brand new song ‘ Dear Life’, a powerful pop ballad that has fans likening to her first single and multi platinum smash, ‘Born To Try’. Play ‘Dear Life’ once and you’ll be hooked, give it a second spin and the song will stay with you all day. So, what makes a great pop song? Well, the melody has to soar and virtually no one does that better that Miss D. But, more than that, a great singer has to sound like she’s telling the truth and that’s the gravitas Delta brings to ‘Dear Life’. ‘Dear Life’s opening bars offer a clarion call to a mood that is bound up in all of us that have, at some point, ever experienced a personal battle or shared in a battle. Then there’s the music, the rhythm section is hypnotic, delivering a compelling pulse that propels ‘Dear Life’ forward. The real beauty in the tune is exposed when the chorus reveals itself and all of the elements involved are in perfect synchronicity. ‘Dear Life’ was written quickly and that immediacy is reflected in the song’s honest lyrical stance. As Delta explains; Dear Life was a lightning bolt song moment – the song came very quickly and took on a life of it’s own. I felt so connected to it straight away it felt like one of those songs you channel. The song has a positive message, with clarity in its conversation with the listener about things you learn in life, with the chorus raising the questions you ask along the way. I really hear this song as something everyone can relate too and reflect about their own life when they listen. The story behind the song’s evolution is a good one. Delta was in the studio downstairs at Sony music – working away on what she thought was going to be the next single when she decided to play Sony Chairman and CEO Denis Handlin the new track in Sony’s Sky Bar which Delta had recently opened. However, when inspiration calls, there’s no stopping it. Before she knew it Delta and the DNA boys (Anthony Egizii & David Musumeci) were on the piano at Sky Bar and working on a new song, the song that was to become Dear Life. Put simply, when inspiration strikes, you have to be prepared and the trio weren’t going to miss an opportunity to write a song as powerful as this. Before ‘Wings’ hit #1 last year Delta spoke openly about embracing her past and pushing forward into an artistic future that wasn’t hemmed in by preconceived boundaries. With the release of ‘Dear Life’ and an album in the works for later this year, Delta continues to fulfil that promise. We can’t wait to hear what’s next!