CRICKET THE MUSICALTHE LOST WORLD! (cups)Denis Carnahan’s hilarious one man cult hit musical comedy show Cricket The Musical is back at the Bridge Hotel Rozelle in 2023 for one night only – Monday February 27th.It’s been a difficult time for Australian Men’s Cricket. We’ve recently lost the Cricket World Cup and the T20 World Cup as host nation. With the Kiwis winning the World Test Championship, that’s three World Cups we’ve lost! Having lost recent home test series against Kohli’s Crew and Saffers, it’s only the Australian Women who are holding up our tradition of being good at cricket!So Australia’s hardest working Musical Sports Satirist, Denis Carnahan, uses his unique satirical spin to investigate this malaise, along with battles with broadcasters and sponsors, the game’s history, treachery, villainy, facial hair, and illegal abrasives.

Denis’s songs about Stuart Broad’s sportsmanship, MCC selection policies, and Mitchell Johnson’s moustache and other sports have had millions of hits on YouTube. In Cricket The Musical he brings them to life on stage, along with songs, sketches and caricatures celebrating the many controversies of this summer’s matches.

“Great show. Really enjoyed it”   Ian Chappell – if you don’t know who he is, this might not be the show for you.“Hilarious. My favourite musical – even better than The Lion King”  Ryan, aged 14“Had me in stitches. And I needed a laugh after India beat Australia”

  Mary – cricket fan from Esperance WA“It’s Brilliant. He’s the Spinal Tap of Australian sport”   Jim Wilson – Nine Network Sport Broadcaster.