Devorah is the newest project from Australian/ Israeli singer songwriter, Anita Lester.


Anita originally made a mark in small communities around the world first with ‘Me and the Grownups’, then as ‘Lester The Fierce’.


Over the last five years, after a hiatus and various collaborations, Anita launched her solo project and self titled EP ‘Devorah’ (taken from her middle name).


It is a grounded offering of lyrically led songs, speaking of themes around devotion and slavery. Devorah has been described as ‘The tiny Church with Cathedral pipes” and “Weaving stories like the masters”.


She is a songwriter, who has been acknowledged and praised by some of the greatest minds, including Leonard Cohen who prior to his death in 2016, praised her publicly and privately. She is somewhat antiquated- a painter as much as a woman of music. In the last few months Devorah has quietly been performing around Australia, and the whispers of her presence are growing.


In August Devorah released her first single ‘Wrong Time’, as part of her debut EP ‘Erato’. It’s withdrawn production and story of unrequited love is an engaging first offering. Recorded by Lawrence Greenwood (Whitley) in a shack on the South Coast of Australia, completed by Benjamin Riley and Xavier Dunn, It’s simple complexity was often hard to find. The one take video, shot by Yoav Lester, perfectly compliments the song, slowly revealing a depiction of the choking feeling that comes from heartache.