Fletcher Pilon, often known as Fletch, is an inspiring young artist, with an endearing connection to all walks of life through his music. 


Having performed to millions of viewers on various stages, his most notable accomplishment to date, is winning Australia’s Got Talent in 2016, where he received many commendations including, “You really are incredible” from Kelly Osborne. 


Releasing his first independent EP ‘Banjo’ in memory of his little brother in 2015, Fletch went on to perform “The Banjo Tour” with originals including “Infinite Child and Be My” in 2016.


Now signed with Sony Music globally, Fletch has recently spent time in the US collaborating and writing fresh lyrics in Nashville and LA. 


Be amongst the first to invite Fletch into your home to share his soul up close and personal in your lounge room, backyard party or small venue.