Franky Walnut is an ARIA nominated singer/songwriter born and raised in the Darling Downs of South East Queensland. His material examines what it is to be Australian, from songs about drinking and ogling women, to much more sensitive material covering love, friendship and bullying.


He was once described as John Williamson meets Kevin Bloody Wilson without as much swearing.


From his humble beginnings (he was born in the toilet stall of a Cafe in Allora), to the lofty heights of supporting such artists as The Beards and Kate Miller-Heidke, Franky’s career is a varied one considering he has only been performing for one year.


Franky Walnut released his debut album “The Franky Walnut Reflective Drink Coaster” last year. Some people have described it as comedy.


Franky Walnut has to remember to talk about himself in the 3rd person when writing his bio because it makes me sound more important, like someone else is writing about me instead of just me sitting in a room by himself.



For more info about Franky you can see his Facebook | Twitter | Instagram