Born in Jamaica, raised in the US, and living in Australia since the age of 18, JASIA (Josiah Willows) is a classically trained vocalist, violinist and guitarist. Playing in bands from a young age, JASIA discovered a love for synthesised instrumentation and from there began to combine a range of beat-driven electronic layering and traditional melodic instrumentation to create a contrasting yet unique interpretation of sound. FBI Unsigned Artist The Week Triple J Unearthed Top 10 Discoveries This Year “From the multi-layered vocal samples, to the orchestral string sections, to the spacey guitar parts and edgy electronic touches, it seems like there’s no way this could come from one man.” – Hilly Dilly “An ethereal, melted ice cream, swing-pushing-itself kind of vibe.” – Backyard Opera “A natural gift for deriving bass driven electronic beats overlaid with orchestral layers of synthesisers, strings, guitars on a bed of vocal samples” – The Music Ninja