It was in 2022 that the music world received their introduction to Lachie Gill when he became a household name as winner of The Voice. Gifted with an arresting, mesmerising vocal ability, and an air of captivating natural charisma, Lachie impressed the music-lovers of Australia enough to take out the long-running show’s 11th season.

Of course, such an achievement wouldn’t have come as a surprise to those close to him. A music fan from a young age, Lachie was only 13 when he first began his musical journey, being gifted a ukulele from his grandfather, and soon embracing performances while at school. Falling in love with emotional acoustic compositions, names like Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, and Dermot Kennedy soon began to influence his sound, and by 18, he was performing around coastal Victoria, juggling his passions between time spent playing AFL and studying to be a PE teacher.

Years spent perfecting his sound and cementing his status as a pop-influenced artist who embraces honest, affective music led Lachie to auditioning for The Voice. “I knew so strongly that this was what I wanted to do,” he recalled of the experience. “Even if it was a rejection, it wasn’t going to stop me from continuing music.”

Emerging from the victory of The Voice with the acclaimed single ‘Wasted Time’, Lachie has since teamed up with prolific producers Andy and Thom Mak in Avoca Beach to write for his artist project with the next single set for release in November (Universal Music Australia).

While Lachie Gill might have captured the hearts and minds of Australia by winning The Voice, he’s out to prove he is “not just the winner of a television contest”.

Armed with an impossibly catchy forthcoming single, world-class vocal chops and the steely determination of an athlete, it’s clear that Lachie Gill is not just here for a good time, he’s going to be here for a long time.