Hot on the heels of the successful release of their debut single “Come Over” which has achieved over 500,000 streams worldwide and also made Australia’s viral 50 chart, Loretta is now uniquely positioned to release their new single “Running Time” on 29 February to an ever expanding fan base.

“Running Time” is an interesting collaboration effort that showcases the band’s indelible style and signature groove. A headline show to launch this single is planned for 12 March at the Lansdowne.

“Running Time is about treading water inside a relationship that you don’t really want to be in anymore and you both know it’s going to end but you stay because its comfortable and it’s what you know”

A recent headline show at Freda’s launching the single “Lady” was also sold out and marked another milestone for this Australian indie pop sensation.

Loretta is the expression of a group of musicians who have played together in various incarnations since their high school days in Sydney.  Formed in 2018, the band comprises the musical talents of Ellis Hoare (Vocals), Max Jacobs (Guitar), Nico Scali (Keys, Guitar) and Daryl Chin (Drums).  Loretta’s signature style is classically indie-pop with an easy vibe and an irresistible signature groove.

“Throughout my life I have found myself in a situation where I want to capture the moment I am experiencing and I do that through the songs that I write. That’s how the name Loretta came to be the band’s name as I was travelling with friends a song called ‘Oh, Loretta’ was playing during one of the highlights of the trip… So I want that feeling of having a great time to be what is felt when listening too and seeing Loretta live!” – Ellis Hall

The band has had a busy first year having released four singles and finalising production that will support the release of four more planned for April, June, August and October. This will form band’s debut EP later this year.  The band is also in talks for a national tour following the launch of their debut EP.