Introducing the sensational Marvin Priest and his huge, thumpin’ debut single, “Own This Club”. From the instant you experience the voice, style and innate rhythm of this impressive young star, you’ll work out for yourself that Marvin Priest is a debut artist quite like no other. Indeed, so rarely in modern music does a new artist appear on the scene boasting such experience and depth of skill and talent. Marvin’s musical bloodline explains a lot. The son of reggae superstar Maxi Priest, Marvin spent his childhood touring the world and soaking up all the international music world had to offer, long before he was even old enough to start high school. However, now in his 20s, it’s only recently that Marvin decided he would take on the family business fulltime. About three years ago, the South London-bred singer started a regular gig as a back-up vocalist in his dad’s touring band. Naturally, Maxi didn’t want his son getting lost in his shadow and would invite Marvin to the front of the stage to share the spotlight, regularly duetting with his dad and even penning tracks for albums. Marvin’s natural talent didn’t go unnoticed amongst Maxi’s circle of superstars. Marvin was soon asked out on tour by those other leading lights of British reggae, UB40. Then, in 2008, Marvin’s life and career took a most unexpected turn. During a trip to Australia as part of the hugely successful Ragamuffin tour, which featured both Maxi Priest and UB40, Marvin fell in love with the country. He soon returned for an extended stay and quickly found himself in the thick of the local club scene. Hot local DJ Nino Brown invited Marvin to collaborate on one of his best-selling Blazin compilations. Marvin has also since worked with pop heavyweights such as Brian McFadden and Ronan Keating. Most recently, Marvin lent his voice to a track called “Rockstar” by a couple of hot local producers, Tom Piper and Jono Fernandez, and the song proved an instant club hit, peaking at #2 on the ARIA Dance charts. Which brings us to “Own This Club”, the official debut solo single by Marvin Priest. A collaboration with Sydney-based hit-makers DNA Songs, “Own This Club” is an enormous track, virtually guaranteed to be an instant international club hit. The track is mixed by the multi Grammy Award-winning Serban Ghenea, the guy behind thirty U.S. #1 blockbusters such as Pink’s “So What?”, Kesha’s “Tik Tok” and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”. So, how does the son of a British reggae legend find himself pumping out dance tracks, signed to Island Records out of Australia? Marvin was so enchanted by Australia that he now spends half of each year here. As for leaning to dance rather than reggae, he is simply chosen to make the sort of music that he loves. “My dad is a reggae singer so everyone’s first thought is that I would be a reggae singer,” Marvin laughs. “But to be honest, growing up listening to music, I was obsessed by R&B as a youngster. As I’ve become the artist I am today, as I was in the clubs listening to what was going on, it all added up to me: Wow, I really love dance music, I really love club music, I like to be in the club partying. So I’ve brought my R&Bish style with bits of reggae and infused it with pop music. “‘Own This Club’ is a huge track. I’m really excited about it. Everyone who’s heard it is like, Wow!” Indeed. Introducing Marvin Priest with his stunning debut single, “Own This Club”. Get ready to join the choruses of music fans everywhere going “Wow!”