Masketta Fall is a classic rock n roll high school story. Jamie brought a drum kit to a 16th birthday party and was spotted by Ben playing to an Aerosmith song. Braden and Jamie were schoolmates and had already been jamming together. Moli was recruited on guitar because a) he was good and b) they figured he could be the ‘good looking one’. Starting on a diet of Green Day, Sum 41 and Blink 182 the guys quickly started to include their own songs as well. Braden, Moli, Jamie and Ben decided early on that there were no short cuts – no reality shows or Youtube hype – for them the most important thing was to get out and play. When they sold out their very first gig in Melbourne the guys knew they were onto something special. “We met all these kids that had bought a ticket to our show”, says Ben. “They’d even made banners, which was insane at the time – It was a pretty big moment for us as a band”. The hard work started to pay off pretty quickly; there have been tours with Demi Lovato, The Vamps, You Me At Six, McBusted, American Authors, a spot on the Australian Warped Tour, and a record deal with Universal Music last year. ‘It’s been crazy,’ says Ben. “When we signed to Universal our celebration went for three days and included incidents that can never be repeated!” Most important there’s the music. Masketta Fall’s aesthetic is fun and energetic: played only like a band that’s done the hard yards can play. This is epitomized by their 2015 summer anthem ‘Summertime Girls’ and brand new hit ‘Love Me Like That’. ‘Love Me Like That’, is a perfectly crafted pop song that captures the ideas of young love that we’ve all experienced. Infatuation, desire, lust and knowing you’d do anything to have someone ‘Love Me Like That. With a hint of throwback vibes and a touch of lyrical cheek, it’s the sort of tune that will attach itself to summer memories that haven’t even been made yet. With Masketta Fall now in full swing, there’s going to be some big times ahead in 2016