How many music artists come along in your lifetime that when you first hear them perform you are totally enthralled? You find yourself wanting more, and from repeated listenings you are more entrenched, engrossed, totally won over by their magic. They have an ability to captivate and melt, not just you, but an entire audience because their delivery rises to the highest levels of musical artistry. There are certain finely crafted nuances, turning points in their songs where you hear something extremely special and you realise you are in the presence of a world class performer.

Such is the consensus of so many who have been privileged to experience a live performance of Australian born vocalist, Natalie Gauci. It is well documented that her performances on Australian Pop Idol gained the highest number of viewer votes in the shows history. From her initial audition, winning over the judges by courageously singing her own composition to Grand Final night where a nation stopped to hear her breath taking winning performance, Natalie has proven she is an artist destined for global admiration. Yes, from the outset, Natalie was not going to be your average contestant or your average winner for that matter. Excited by the new possibilities it opened for her, Natalie immediately set herself on a course of creative expansion. With new songs to write, new styles to explore, new performing challenges to refine, Natalie embarked on taking it to the highest levels. Her musical journey has taken her to numerous countries across the world and of late she has settled in fashionable London where musicians of the modern world have come to share and contribute to a rich cultural mix of popular music. Natalie Gauci is ready for the greatest stages on the planet.