Introducing NOT A BOYS NAME, the new, exciting indie rock project from Sydney songwriter and multi instrumentalist Dave Jenkins Jr. His debut single is “Hazard Perception Test”, an anthemic, catchy track about strength and freedom, expressed through distorted vocals, punchy, sharp guitar hooks and a strong bass line that recalls indie-rock luminaries such as Ariel Pink and The Strokes.

Having worked with some of Australia’s best up and coming talent, “Hazard Perception Test” marks the release of Dave’s first ever solo work. The song was conceptualized and written in a single day, with Dave playing and recording every single instrument. The song is about resilience says Dave. “Fighting back when you are being stunted by your own fears and insecurities. It’s less about a romantic kind of heart than it is about having heart and having the strength to do what you want to do, the way YOU want to do it”.

The NOT A BOYS NAME project took flight from there, imbued with the same ethos as expressed in “Hazard Perception Test”: creative autonomy, freedom to experiment and having conviction in your own ideas. It set in motion a really prolific period with Dave revisiting old demos and songs and reshaping them to fit his new creative vision.
The moniker NOT A BOYS NAME is a reminder for Dave to create without concerning himself with the consequences and acts a way to avoid being pigeonholed creatively or otherwise. “To me, it is about avoiding definition. I didn’t want my name to define me. Let the songs do that,” says Dave.

Born in a sleepy coastal town outside of Sydney, Dave has spent his entire life involved with music in one way or another. His dad was a drummer, and he grew up around a tight-knit circle of friends who were obsessed with music and worshipped musicians like the Beatles and Nirvana. Dave spent much of his teen years tinkering away at demos and rough-cut recordings in his bedroom, where his love of DIY recording first took shape.

It wasn’t until Dave moved to Sydney that his musical ambitions were finally realised. A chance meeting with alternative-pop musician Andy Bull led to his first musical collaboration and from there his career took off. To date, he has worked with beloved and acclaimed Australian musicians such as Daniel Johns, Vera Blue, Lisa Mitchell, Bertie Blackman and Alex Cameron, among others.

“Hazard Perception Test”, is only the first taste of what is certain to be one of the most exciting and unique projects in Australian indie-rock this year.