‘…uniting rich synth melodies with his signature down-tempo charm for winding and expansive productions that map out the more left-field side of techno and house – somewhat similar to Jon Hopkins – Pilerats 


Over the last 12 months Sydney electronic talent Pat Carroll has managed to carve himself a space into the landscape of contemporary dance music while providing a fitting crossroad of electroacoustic sounds from his current PHD studies and interest in sci-fi themes and novels.


Mid last year brought upon the release of the beloved ‘Conditions EP’, a seismic collection of progressive electronica that seem as fitting to a big budget blockbuster as they are to the dance floor. Having garnered over 50k plays for the lead single and support through Spotify and Triple J, Pat Carroll is back with his follow up track ‘Plateau’.


Branching out from Carroll’s signature cinematic style, his new track ‘Plateau’ commences with a wash of angelic vocal chops and frictionless synths, leading the song into much more intimate territory. The track presents an evolution of space and sounds recorded window-side as told best by Carroll;

“… the sounds I used were mostly field recordings of thunder, hitting pieces of wood together, and the sound of hail hitting my window, to keep a more organic feel with the track. I then structured the track around the gradual breaking down of the vocal loop.”