Built on a foundation of brotherhood and a shared love of old school sounds and the new, Sydney’s Planet Vegeta emerge bristling with confidence and excitement – ready to steer the city’s hip-hop/R&B scene in a new direction.

In their own right, the trio of LKGD, SVNO and Jazz NOBDI are talented wordsmiths and producers, LKGD and SVNO both elevating their skills writing across a number of Sydney project, while Jazz’s talent as a lyricist has flourished throughout 2019.

First meeting in 2011, LKGD and SVNO were quick to connect and develop a creative partnership, with Jazz capturing their attention in 2017. In the three years to follow, Planet Vegeta has formed for itself a defined sound comprising hip-hop, electric soul, R&B and indie sensibilities.

With all three of the boys growing up in Samoan houses-holds in New Zealand and in The Western Suburbs of Sydney, they were surrounded by music from a young age and submerged themselves in the music culture the second they had the ability to hear.
Whether it was listening to soul and gospel in the church or jamming out back at home to old school Hip-Hop and R&B songs with their families, the boys lived a life where music brought the best out of people and more importantly brought people together.

“You could never escape a day without singing a song together even if you didn’t know how to. Us Polynesians love our music and for anyone who knows us, they would tell you the same thing.”

The boys began their music journey from a young age taking influence from various artists of all different genres. SVNO’s soul and funk can be seen his some of his influences such as Jamie Foxx, Kirk Franklin and Prince, whilst Jazz’s influences can be seen in the likes of Biggie, Andre 3000 and Wu-Tang Clan who are known for their lyricism and flow which is evident is Jazz’s wordplay and line delivery.

LKGD being the main producer of the trio has a wide variety of influences of all genres. Such as Pharrell who is known for his funky yet creative production but also taking heavy influence from Michael Jackson because of his unique sound and ability to make steer away from making the same style track.

“We all have different influences, how we’ve grown up and who we listen to. Everyone has their own unique taste in music. We all come from different musical backgrounds and I think that’s what makes us unique; you can hear it in our music. Every person who we’ve played our music to, they can’t really put their finger on it. It’s a big sound.”

Releasing a one-two punch of singles in 2019 in ‘Billy Jackson’ and ‘Drama’, Planet Vegeta quickly caught the attention of triple j Unearthed and community radio. On the live front, the trio have been impressing on home turf and in Brisbane, performing at BIGSOUND for the first time as part of The New Wave showcase.

“Slicker than your average! That voice. Those fluttering keys. I’m paying attention.”

Priding themselves on delivering the most finessed and refined version of their craft with each release, the Planet Vegeta creative dynamic has strengthened through 2019, with the group preparing their debut EP. With two singles already out and more music to come before the year is out, Planet Vegeta are riding the wave of successful session after successful session.

When the vibe is right, don’t question it.

“We complement each other so well and we have had that chemistry from the get-go. We’re not trying to force anything, everyone knows. It’s real easy to make music. Sometimes we’ll have a session where we bump out five songs in four or three hours. It’ll be organic, I think that’s special. We’ve done sessions for heaps of artists and have written for others; when it comes to our music, it’s second nature.”