Soaked in Red wine & Blues! RWR is a 7 piece Rock N Roll band residing in Sydney playing for the times of old dimes!
They believe in a new order of business, reggae news, expression replacing confession, & our world changing a couple Gears, the soul fact been their dues to the blues and to get loud & live.
The band evolved like cave men did in the start of time, in a tea lounge of a broken home, a dim light, acoustic rhythms and howls all through the night.
They grew as they took the stage, putting on a Rock N Roll show round town, Sydney town, & wherever is high enough for them to preach from. Taking influences from the muddiest of waters and 7 different record stacks.
The Red Wine Roses consist of Harry Dixon, Ryan Hutt, Daniel Bandhera, Luke Bateman, Mitch Slade, Scott Russell and Andrew Gillett.
Two Axes, Bass & D, Harmonica, Sax & Keys, Vox.