In the music of Romanie, the listener is invited to become immersed in a rich palette of sounds and influences, buoying a natural vocal talent.

For Belgian-born, Melbourne-based singer and songwriter Romanie Assez, the music has always stemmed from an innate desire to express creativity through personal and engaging storytelling.

Releasing her debut EP – Little Big Steps – in 2021, Romanie introduced herself beautifully with a collection of music that boasted influences as varied as Julia Stone to Big Thief; Wet Leg and Alvvays, to Middle Kids. At the core of the material, a captivating sense of songwriting nuance and strength that was unafraid to delve deeper in its exploration of personal themes.

Moving from her home country to Australia and developing her artistry so far from the familiarities and comfort found in Belgium and more broadly speaking, Europe, Romanie’s journey has been one filled with lessons learned and personal evolution.

It is an evolution heard right throughout her music – debut single ‘I’m Anything (But Myself Without You)’ demonstrated early potential when it came to Romanie’s musicality, potential that flourished across subsequent releases, such as ‘Fake Friends’, ‘Stranger In My Skin’, and the EP’s arresting title track, ‘Little Big Steps’.

So far in 2023, Romanie has released singles ‘Anthony’, ‘Keep Sweet’, ‘Hallucinating’ and ‘Are We There Yet?’ – songs that have solidified her presence and reputation in the Melbourne music community she now calls home; her music is the type that strikes at the heart and envelops the audience with its depth and soul.

As she traverses themes of self-empowerment, hope, love, relationships and more, Romanie’s perspectives as a songwriter mature and deliver themselves more refined and focused with each release.

She has been recognised by the industry multiple times over, with outlets including Rolling Stone Australia, the AU Review, triple j and Triple J Unearthed all showering her music with praise.

Working towards her debut album ‘Are We There Yet?’, slated for release in October 2023, Romanie has never been more concentrated on curating her finest and most cohesive material to date. Her releases so far this year have proven that as an artist, Romanie is on the precipice of sharing her most memorable music yet – fans can get excited that this debut album from Romanie is going to be more than worth the wait.




“Ethereal and melodic with the sort of songwriting prowess that makes you feel privileged to even be listening to such a composition.”

Rolling Stone Australia


“Romanie’s vocals are pure and direct. The lyrics are poignant, the melody gorgeous and the song has an appealing honesty to it.”

AU Review


“The track navigates feelings of loneliness and isolation, feeling separate from the world and those around you”



“Graceful amongst the rumble and moving in emotion. Gorgeous Romanie!”

Claire Mooney, triple j