From their fist gig on New Years in 1976 until today Rose Tattoo have rarely strayed from their mantra of being the best bar room blues based rock band in the world. For 35 years the one constant is the bands lead vocalist Angry Anderson whose vocals tell the story of bars, booze, fights and love, mostly lost.


The band have toured relentlessly in Australia, Europe and with the occasional jaunt into the US gathering fans along the way both within the band and the general population. Over the last few years touring has not been a focus but now Rose Tattoo are back playing a mix of regional towns and inner city clubs and suburban hotels.


“As Young As You Wanna Be” is this tour!

The songs are a mix of pieces from all albums, played with the gusto and savagery as they were when first played. Angry Anderson still delivers with all the passion and emotion; the band consisting of Dai Pritchard on slide, Paul DeMarco on drums, Geordie Leach on bass and Randall Waller on lead guitar deliver a backing to Angry’ vocals which will take you on a musical journey and reignite all that youthful passion. If this is your first time to experience Rose Tattoo – welcome to what blues and rock created.