Three quarters of the way through their World Stage Tour – comprising of 48 cities across 7 continents – SET SAIL return to Australia with their notorious high energy live show ahead of the band’s first national Chasing Summer Tour. While the boys were scooting around the globe turning down record deals, getting arrested in Madrid, playing to a crowd of thousands in their under-jocks in London, and recording their new single in the back of a van in the US of A, they realised a return to Australia was necessary to regain a speedo tan. SET SAIL are the first band to go from busking to headlining a national tour. The three-piece that make-up SET SAIL, who all dropped out of university with the ambitious idea of making music to fund a trip around the world, are gathering an impressive following online via their YouTube and Facebook – at last count over 13,000 loyal fans are following every move of Brandon, Josh and Josiah’s global adventure. “On the World Stage Tour everything was stripped down to its most minimalist, basic form. It’s cool because it gives you nothing to work with, there’s no stage, lights or PA to make you look and sound better than you are. On the street it’s just the music and people,” comments front-man, Brandon. April 2011 saw the release of THE RILEY MOORE EP, a debut offering from the band, recorded at BJB Studios in Sydney. They’ve sold almost 10,000 copies of the EP, which includes HOME, WHALES, WARM UP, and new single, THE BOAT SONG – scheduled for release late November. THE BOAT SONG showcases the world-class musicianship and contagiously hook-driven song writing from SET SAIL. 2 From the street to the stage, SET SAIL have been making headlines around the world and return to Australia for their national Chasing Summer Tour. One of the most captivating live shows to step-off a Virgin flight from who-knows-where, you’ll be kicking the curb barefooted if you miss out!