“A Sound System is a group of disc jockeys, engineers and MCs playing ska, rocksteady or reggae music”.

– Wikipedia


“a Skinnyfish Sound System is a group of DJs, MCs and producers re-imagining some of the oldest music on the planet.”



Skinnyfish Sound System brings together some of the best Australian music producers with some of the best Indigenous performers and the extensive back catalogue of songs from Skinnyfish Music which have been re-imagined.


The heart of northern Australia’s unique musical identity is the Didgeridoo, known throughout Arnhemland as the “Bambu, Yidaki or Mollay”. Using some of the greatest traditional exponents, the didge is placed in the centre of the sound system which gives it a truly modern tribal feel.


The strength of the Indigenous MCs come from powerful ancient chants and a clear understanding of how to captivate an audience with cultural authority.


The Sound System includes 20+ tracks from the Skinnyfish Music catalogue. The live Sound System will drop these remixes with up to 6 MCs / Singers / Musicians.


The Skinnyfish Sound System is a Modern Tribal Late Night Dance Party.