Australian music in the 90’s was suffering an identity crisis. The golden days of pub rock were gone, the pokies were on the rise, and club/rave culture had begun to take its first wobbly steps. While the scene was heavily dominated by grunge, and its dour ethos, some were looking elsewhere to get their kicks. It was an era that saw hip hop edging into mainstream media, and as it began to blend with Funk, Soul and Rock, new genres started to emerge. This fertile ground fruited forms of sound that would inspire fans and other bands for years to come. One stand-out band that emerged in this landscape, and marked this decade as its own, would be Australian funk rock band SKUNKHOUR. Terepai Richmond, acclaimed Australian session musician with The Whitlams, Missy Higgins, Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem, recalls his first memories of the band. “Fresh out of school I’d just joined a band and I thought this was my outlet to unleash everything I had ever learnt on the drums. I remember overplaying everything, every gig was like one big drum solo.” “I recall hearing Skunkhour for the first time and it struck me that they weren’t musicians trying to show off what they had. They were musicians writing songs, playing with restraint and every part was calculated and musical. I remember watching the reaction of people in the audience… singing every word, dancing to every beat. That experience changed me as a musician.”