“The Stiffys might be the most important band to come out of Melbourne in the last five years. I’ve met a lot of talented musicians and Jason and Adam really fall into that genius category where you’re not sure it if it’s hyper intelligence or autism.” – Dan Watt, Beat Magazine. Melbourne two-piece The Stiffys will tour the country in November to launch Kick Another Flip, the first track from their upcoming Art Rock EP, as well as brand new outfits. The cheeky punk duo will also release a mini documentary series covering the transition to their new Art Rock sound and aesthetic. Bass guitarist Jason Leigh explains that, after two years in the music business, the band decided it was time to evolve into a more serious band. “We have to stay ahead of the pack, both in our music and our fashion, so we’re taking things to a whole new level,” says Jason. “Our new EP is going to be pretty wild – it’s basically a concept album about ladies and being cool. I’d say that Kick Another Flip is probably the most accessible song you’ll be hearing from The Stiffys any time soon.” While their last ‘WE ARE GROOVY BOYS’ tour was scheduled to finish in April, the pair haven’t stopped touring since and have played nearly 60 shows in the last 12 months. The Stiffys’ shows have been getting increasingly hectic with audiences bringing their own boogie boards and drinking from their shoes, and drummer Adam Stagg doesn’t see things slowing down. “We are having such a great time on tour and we can’t wait to play everybody our new single – Kick Another Flip,” says Adam. “Our number one thing is still having a great time all the time, we’re just being a lot more art about it these days.”