In 1975 Molly Meldrum asked Sir Paul McCartney if he had seen any good bands while he was touring Australia with Wings. Paul (as he was called then) said “Yes, I saw a great band in Perth called Supernaut”. Molly was quick to check the band out and soon had them in the studio producing their first chart topping hit ’I Like It Both Ways’. Molly had the Midas touch when it came to finding new talent and producing hits and ‘Both Way’s was no exception. Both Ways was banned by most radio stations because of its controversial lyrics, but strong TV performances, on shows like Countdown and Bandstand and live performances forced radio to give in to public pressure creating a chart topping hit and gave the boys a good start to life in a Rock and Roll band. Supernaut went on to win TV week’s Best New Band of the Year award in 1976 and also won the Best Video award with the clip for I Like It Both Ways, which was produced by the Paul Drane and the Countdown crew. Their next single, Too Hot Too Touch, was another huge hit, so they spent large and bought the first ever home video game – Pong. In the seventies, nothing said “We’ve made it!” more than whacking a square, pixelated tennis ball with a rectangular blob of a bat. Rock ‘n Roll! Supernaut’s self-titled album came out mid 1976, reached double gold status by the end of year and set the band on a two year, sell out tour across the country – those were the days! 1978 the band change its name to The Nauts which saw them change their direction from glam to new wave. They released a second album featuring songs like ‘Spies’, ‘Black Market World’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Be Like You’. Many years, many songs and adventures have gone by since those heady days. From then to now you will find the guys turning up in outfits like Twenty Flight Rockers / International Swingers / Illustrated Man / The Saints as well as solo album releases, writing and directing films, and New York stage productions. GARY TWINN lives in LA and his band The International Swingers tour constantly. His band mates include Clem Burke from Blondie and Glen Matlock from The Sex Pistols. PHILIP FOXMAN has released two solo albums and composed music for the musical ATOMIC which has received 5 star reviews off Broadway and Australia. CHRIS BURNHAM write, develop and direct movie scripts and sound tracks. JOE BURNHAM has released two solo albums and continues to write and release material. Supernaut last performed live on the 2007 ‘Countdown Spectacular’ and are now coming back for a very special 40th Anniversary three dates only run celebrating the 1976 release of ‘I Like it Both Ways’.