Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerising power of Tania Doko’s voice, as it weaves a captivating spell that resonates deep within your soul. Her music has taken her on a remarkable journey around the globe, through the highs of chart-topping success as lead singer of Bachelor Girl and the winding roads of unforeseen adventures. If you haven’t already experienced the magic of Tania Doko, it’s time to listen and discover what makes her an exceptional artist.

Get Ready for “Harder Now“: A Symphony of Beauty and Resilience:

In July 2023, Tania Doko unveils her first single, “Harder Now,” from her highly anticipated upcoming EP. This song carries a profound significance—it embodies the essence of love and marks a thrilling new chapter in her musical odyssey. Returning to her roots on Australia’s red soil, Tania Doko unleashes a powerhouse of talent, ready to leave an indelible mark on the music scene.


“If ever a song was to symbolise my current headspace, vulnerabilities, self-talk (both positive and deprecating), countries travelled and lived in, landing back in Oz with a bridge between Bachelor Girl, writing for other artists and a solo career, ‘Harder Now’ is quintessentially it. This tribal-esque, brooding and ultimately celebratory 4-minute release is a stand for lifting each other out of a certain darkness, and perhaps more poignantly, a call to ‘stop with the self-loathing’ rabbit hole we, or more like I, tend to go down. To show up, be seen, be courageous and keep taking risks for authentic reasons. I’m older now, and the impermanence of life has never been more real. And so there it is, the urgency to love ‘harder now’ and to ask is life harder now? In some ways, yes, but it might also be equal parts better now.”


Tania Doko’s career began at an early age, supported by her proud Italian/Albanian family. While she’s renowned for her work in the award-winning pop-duo Bachelor Girl, her accomplishments reach far beyond. Alongside James Roche, she co-wrote the unforgettable hit “Buses and Trains,” which dominated the Australian airwaves for over two decades, solidifying its place as the most played Australian composition in recent history. Their album “Waiting for the Day” achieved double platinum status, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

But that’s only part of the story. Tania’s journey has taken her to new horizons, including a decade-long chapter in Sweden. There, she built a family, collaborated with renowned artists such as The Veronicas, Jessica Mauboy, and Taylor Dayne, and explored diverse musical genres—from Disney films to K-pop to the grand stage of Eurovision. Tania Doko’s versatility knows no bounds, and her voice has resonated across continents, from the Sydney Opera House to Manchester’s Pride and beyond.

Even amidst her artistic triumphs, Tania Doko’s commitment to making a difference shines through. Holding a degree in Psychology and Criminology, she has dedicated herself to empowering troubled youth in Australia, embodying the transformative power of music and compassion. Her work as an APRA ambassador, a judge on Channel 7’s “Popstars,” and her advocacy for positive change have become some of her most rewarding endeavours.

When the world hit pause, Tania Doko took a moment to reflect and rediscover her true calling. Fuelled by a deeply personal vision, she embarked on her long-awaited solo journey, returning to Australia with her family in 2021. The warmth of her homecoming was undeniable, with Tania gracing stages nationwide as part of the “Fleetwood Mac Orchestrated” tour. Fans clamoured to witness her electrifying performances with Bachelor Girl, rekindling a connection that had been sorely missed.


Amidst her global adventures, Tania Doko found solace in crafting music in Stockholm alongside Mattias Lindblom. Songs were written, but they were too deeply personal, too intrinsically connected to her own journey to be shared with others. Thus, a treasure trove of songs emerged, destined to form the foundation of Tania Doko’s solo work.