The Golden Gaytimes (featuring members of Muzzy Pep, The Sleepy Jackson, Forever
Since Breakfast and The Great Dividing Range) with the one and only Jane ‘Jane-O’
Harvey up front. They’re a band driven by the understanding that great music is made
with liberal measures of both spook and wonk.

Their recently released debut album has inspired a run of madcap, psychedelic and party
atmosphere gigs, guaranteed to have punters heading for the dance floor. The Matthew
Walker-edited video clip for the new single, which premiered with the AU review,
captures some of that intoxicating irreverence and live energy they bring to every stage
they tumble onto.

‘The Golden Gaytimes Theme’, the third single from Hot as Buggery, hits the
afterburners and comes out swinging with a rock ‘n’ roll, glam aesthetic. Invoking the
band’s mission statement, it’s a rave up and ‘call to arms’ (and legs!). ‘You’ll want to
dance, and maybe twerk / We’re going to help you with the devil’s work / You might squeal
shout and sing / You’ll want to marry us with your Cheezel wedding ring,’ sings frontperson