Ah Rogers, can’t he give it a rest? I caught wind of the ‘Luxury Of Hysteria’ project when frequenting a charming house of ill repute in the back streets of Fitzroy. The talk in the, err, waiting room was abuzz with the rumours of Rogers’ return from his tropical retreat armed to his chipped teeth with a catalogue of new songs written whilst barred up in his bungalow attempting a fresh haircut. Telexes and carrier pigeons were sent to his rabble of charming thugs THE TEMPERANCE UNION, and a potential new partner/foe in the form of MELANIE ROBINSON, of Western Australian origins, administering a deft hand at further instrumental arrangements on Rogers’ typically dog eared documentation. Upon a cursory listen at a bunker deep in the hinterland, to quote a dear friend, “The boy’s finally got it” .The Dickensian, roguish charm of past releases has given way to a more considered approach, barely concealing the recurring themes of misanthropy, open mouthed wonder, disease, deep admiration, loss and desperate joy. Barely had we finished the packing of our essentials ready to track the lad down when we heard of the rapid decision to release ‘The Luxury Of Hysteria’ on his own RUBY Q RECORDS and was to be released in September, followed by a national theatre tour with many of the musicians featured on the release, responding to what I’ve heard is an almost feverish desire of our Rogers to bring this uncut diamond of a recording to you, yes you…the people. I worry for the boy. He fluctuates between a vibrant presence to a ghost in between the trees too quickly for my liking. But I’m completely charmed by this work of his. He’s finally got it, and he’s done it. Simply…charmed. With love from us here in the Hinterland, Humphrey Blessington.