This is HEAVY LIES THE HEAD, the breathtaking, emotional and long-awaited new song from Australia’s own vocal genius & performer Vanessa Amorosi.

Boy you’ve got to be pretty blind

Not to see the signs

You started up a fire

Now you know I’m gonna burn it down

You’ve been under estimating every single part of me.

Vanessa Amorosi delivers HEAVY LIES THE HEAD with a performance for the ages, her powerhouse voice bursting to be heard once again in a song that’s sure to be talked about. HEAVY LIES THE HEAD is cutting-edge and controversial by Vanessa’s own admission on where much of today’s music sits in 2019. “I am so excited as this song is something that I have wanted to create my whole career. It’s a real professional highlight for me musically. I believe everyone will be able to relate to the lyrics through their own personal experiences where it is usually harder to walk away from confrontation and maintaining the moral high ground, knowing in the end that karma will eventually kick in.
I always believe good prevails over evil,” she said.

Baby, living in the world that you created

Sleeping in the bed just how you made it

Heavy lies the head

Tell me what you did

Baby, You can keep the mess that you created

Nobody can get back what they wasted

It’s clear that Vanessa is singing HEAVY LIES THE HEAD with the honesty of experience formed since her early years as a singer songwriter to present day; “I think I’m always trying to do that with my songs, have a real story rather than something that’s been made up, have a real message. I have no doubt that people will be able to relate to this song on many levels. People that know me well know I am a straight talker, so I wanted to lead with a song that has power lyrically about standing up for yourself and being strong” she says.

Thought that you could break me

Even said you loved me

But they were just words words words

Heavy lies the head

It’s been close to a decade since we last heard a new solo track from Vanessa Amorosi and the release of her last album, the platinumselling Hazardous, which featured Vanessa’s number one smash hit, “This Is Who I Am”.

With combined international album and single sales of over 2 million, why has it taken so long for Vanessa to follow up on her massive success? The simple answer to that complicated question is that Vanessa had to go get a life. After dedicating her childhood through young adulthood to singing and performing, year after year on the road, touring Australia and the world, Vanessa wanted to go and explore new real-life experiences to feed back into her art.

“I needed to start from the bottom and crawl again so I would relight that fuel in me. Sometimes I just get to a point where I reflect on what I’ve done and I think, ‘You know what? I’ve got to be better than that. I’ve got to be better. I’ve got to go and learn how to be better,’ and it just takes longer than the thought.”

She moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to begin that journey of self-discovery and develop her music career in different ways. Her time away has given Amorosi the ability to evolve into the woman and artist that she has always wanted to be. She is independent, sensitive, courageous and happily representing her true self.

Once in LA and somewhat anonymous for the first time, Vanessa immersed herself in all kinds of musical experiences. She became obsessed with exploring the real roots of her first and greatest musical love — gospel. And it didn’t take long for the hardcore and influential LA music scene to realise this ‘new kid in town’ had an unmatched voice. Vanessa is now a familiar face on the local live scene, regularly performing alongside the best musicians in the world.

One of the first to instantly recognise the depth of Vanessa’s talent was the legendary and iconic Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. Dave quickly took on the role of Vanessa’s mentor, and paid her the ultimate honour when he invited Vanessa to be the featured guest vocalist on his 2013 solo album, Lucky Numbers. Vanessa and Dave remain the best of professional and personal friends having recently completed work on a shared passion project — a fully-fledged gospel album. More about that soon.

Vanessa promises a collection of new songs that will be “very, very diverse — very rocky tracks, dance tracks, a power ballad — because I don’t make a single and repeat the song over and over again. Every situation is very different and the songs all lend themselves that way. Because I have so much life experience I suppose (laughs) I’m able to write all these different songs.” Vanessa’s A-list collaborators on her growing song collection include Sweden’s Aleena Gibson (Jason Derulo, Nick Carter) and Trevor Muzzy (Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga), as well as Jon Levine (Drake, Dua Lipa), Jordan Palmer (Andy Grammar, Lights), Louis Schoorl (Tina Arena, 5 Seconds Of Summer), and Levi Lennox (ZAYN, M.I.A.).

It’s incredible to think it’s almost 20 years since a teenage Vanessa Amorosi from outer-eastern Melbourne burst onto the Australian charts with her debut number one album The Power, which featured four massive hit singles: “Have A Look”; “Absolutely Everybody”; “Shine”; and “The Power,” and who stole the show at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, seen by an estimated 4 billion people.

Now, at 37, and as a mum, with a lifetime of experience and success behind her, Vanessa Amorosi is finally ready to reveal to the whole world the true depth of her talent and artistry. The epic HEAVY LIES THE HEAD is only the beginning. Next step, Vanessa is literally busting to get out and tour again. “My main goal is I want to release music that people are really excited about and I want to be able to get on the road,” she says, “because that’s a beast I can only put on ice for so long. And eventually I’m erupting!” Fortunately for everyone, Vanessa will be back in Australia through March and April joining John Farnham, Daryl Braithwaite, Jon Stevens, Thirsty Merc and Dragon on the Red Hot Summer tour across the country