Passionately unapologetic, Whispering Jackie are a trio from Sydney’s western suburbs playing shouty punk-rock music. Their songs tell the experience of a generation trying to keep their heads above water, when the odds are stacked against them. Led by front woman Sare Jackie, they’ve been making gains since their inception in early 2016, by “Nailing a garage rock, grunge infested sound whilst remaining upbeat and positively energetic” – Jacinta Rets, Happy Mag, Oct 2017.

In  their time together, the band have put out two EPs: ‘Social Isolation’ (2016); and ‘For The Moment’ (2017), as well as the single ‘Been Drinking’ (2018). They’ve received rotation on community radio stations including fbi, 4ZZZ & RTRFM, online coverage from blogs such as Happy Mag and Hysteria Mag, had their video for ‘Breaking Up This Time’ added to rotation on rage (ABC), and had their songs grab the attention of TripleJ presenters Josh Merriel, Claire Mooney and Gemma Pike. In addition to being added to TripleJ Unearthed rotation, Whispering Jackie was one of five bands picked for a feature podcast on ‘Fierce Frontwomen’ presented by Gemma Pike for TripleJ Unearthed in May 2018. In the feature, Gemma draws parallels between Sare’s vocal style and that of Brody Dalle from L.A. punk band The Distillers.

It’s Sare’s ferocious vocal delivery that drives Whispering Jackie’s energetic live performances, earning them a reputation as an exciting live band within the local scene. They’ve played alongside Rick Dangerous and the Silky Bantams, The Pinheads, Crocodylus, Antonia & The Lazy Susans and A.Swayze & The Ghosts, playing  numerous dates up and down the east-coast.

With momentum starting to build for the band, they’re now working on their third release, due out late 2018 – early 2019.