Yeevs are a band out of the Blue Mountains via Sydney who don’t just play music- they wring catharsis out of their instruments with a deep and instinctual need that will make you feel the dissonance as much as hear it.

Combining lo fi punk, new-wave power pop and emotional storytelling, Bradley Cork, Sean Lees and Tom Bamford came together from different genre backgrounds and bonded over a mutual love of music and creating to fuse these elements into their own music; interlocking energetically and sonically to create something whole and real.

From the cathartic heft of How To Harken Back, to the sombre introspection of Bellow Of A Cheer, Yeevs know how to affect a killer hook or well-timed word.


‘Moving Magnets’ is the first listen from the forthcoming debut album, and their most inspired release to date. With producer Dan Holdsworth, the band were challenged to try new and complex arrangements, strengthening and further energising the material they had worked on throughout 2018. The result is a startling clarity to be found within gritty indie rock, as can be seen in the striking lead single, ‘Moving Magnets’.




“The songwriting is seriously something. I love how angry it feels near the end. Big heart eyes for this.”

Triple J Unearthed, Claire Mooney (‘Moving Magnets’)


“I can’t get enough of Yeevs. To say you wear your heart on your sleeve doesn’t do justice to the honest, raw, searing passion that each release exudes.”

Triple J, Declan Byrne (‘Clatter & Green’)


“…an assortment of soaring indie gems littered with anthemic vocals and a sprinkling of punk vibes, making for a uniquely impressive debut.”

MusicFeeds (How To Harken Back EP)


“…it manages to set up camp in the thin line that lies somewhere between anguish and joy, capturing the best of both worlds whilst the band continue their ascent.”

Little Indie Blogs (Bellow Of Cheer EP)